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We are a company which manufactures devices, systems and software
for both consumer end user markets and for other businesses.
Please examine our "Products" section for our product and service information about Humidity&Temperature measurement and tracking systems, Home Automation, Industrial Electronic Automation, Data Acquisition, PLC Systems, mobile applications, software products, Internet applications and services, intelligence technologies, communication products and others.
If your idea or concept is not present among our products yet, we can discuss and provide special solutions for your needs.
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What do we do?

Our working areas are shown below.

Hardware Products

* Our Standard Hardware Products
* Communication Systems
* Data Logging & Acquisition Systems 
* Telemetry & Tracking Systems
* Automation & Control Systems
* Process Monitoring / Control Systems

Software Products

* Desktop Software
* Server Software
* Mobile Applications
* Internet / Intranet Applications
* Office Automation Software
* Distributed and Corporate Information Systems


* Electronic System Designs
* Automation System Projects
* Mobile Application Development
* Internet / Intranet Applications
* Custom computer software
* Consultancy
* Special solutions avaliable with Electronics / Computer / Communication
technologies, oriented to fulfill your needs of every kind.
We would be more than happy to present you a solution offer consisting of standard products, special designs, and our innovative ideas in the shortest time possible, if you contact us about your needs and your requests. 

Just wish and let us realize it.


Product Categories

You can view our product categories below. 

Hardware Products

Hardware Products & Systems

Click the button to see our standard hardware products and systems consisting of them which are all designed and produced by our company.

Software Products

Software Products

You can find here our standard sofware products and system packages for various platforms like Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.

Projects for Future Products

Projects Works & Future Products

Here is information about our ongoing projects and researches for our future products. You can support us with your ideas, comments or contributions on specific platforms, if available.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the products we are offering are our designs. We are responsible of our products from idea to their production. That makes us also solve problems quickly and make improvements against the needs of the era.

Since they are our own design & production, you can be sure that :
* They are made of high quality components ensuring accuracy,
* They do not contain hazardous code,
* And also their quality is tested and assured by us before leaving our facilities.

Your suggestions are always welcome. We will be considering them and might implement them on later releases if found useful for our customer community.

You can always get support from our e-mail address :



Contact Us

Do you have an idea about the products, or do you need some special solution in a similar case ?What about our product would encourage you to buy it ? Please send us a message for your comments or any questions regarding your web experience on our site, regarding the products or any kind of questions and comments. All of your valuable feedback is thoroughly read, examined and appreciated. You can also mail us through mail address.

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