ESTRONTECH USB Thermologger 


ESTRONTECH PC USB Based Thermologger Temperature Recording, Tracking and Alarm Device

You can measure the temperature of your baby's room, your bedroom, your production facility or test and calibration laboratory automatically in intervals which you prefer, and keep records of them for tracking.

Important Note: This device works on-line, records the live temperature values and the application can send momentary alarm e-mails using PC's Internet connection. The device relies on a PC powered on, USB port connected with the application software running.

You can see the maximum and minimum points.
You can report recorded data momentarily or create reports in specified date/time ranges, and view graphs of them.
You can save your data in CSV (Comma Seperated Values) format and open it with a spreadsheet software later, or you can save your reports in PDF format.

Just after installing the software of your ESTRONTECH USB ThermoLogger, you can start using your device immediately by plugging it in your USB port, and executing the software.

All steps of the installation and setup of the drivers and software are automated.
Even if you start using another USB port, the software will detect new connection point automatically.

Software and device drivers will be delivered with a download link after the product delivery.

If wanted, the device can be used in special applications for special needs.
You will be provided with the software library and sample code, evaluated within a custom project.
Soft CSV file integration is possible with minimum development efforts if you are going to develop your own software. 


· An automatic alarm e-mail is sent to the configured e-mail address if the values cross over predefined low and high limits
· Additional CSV format data file support for OpenOffice Calc, Excel, Quattro Pro or similar software
· Easy third party software integration using CSV formatted automatic data exchange without updating the hardware
· USB HID protocol
· Backward moniroting/reporting for the requested date/time interval
· Sensor cable length : 1.5m (Cable length selections available : 1.5m./5m./10m./15m./20m.)
· Compact size
· Temperature measurement range : -55°C - +125°C (-67°F - +257°F)
· Measurement uncertainty : ±0.5°C between -10°C - +85°C
· Resolution : 12 bits
· Sensor interface : Digital one-wire protocol


· Since the sensor of the device is using digital technology, the cable length or measurement distance would not affect/change the temperature measurement values.
· The product doesn't measure the air heated with your PC fan, it will measure the real environment temperature which you want to measure, thanks to remote sensor with the attached cable with optional length!
· The device works on-line with a PC connection over USB, records momentarily and sends alarm e-mails interfacing the PC.
· The application interface has also audio, and visual alarm feature, which can be used simultaneously.
· The product is developed and produced by our company, considering the quality over cost factor.
· Device software supports CSV file format among the original database, to allow you open the data with a software like OpenOffice Calc, Excel, Quattro Pro or similar.
· ESTRONTECH USB ThermoLogger does not need virtual or real serial port. The device runs on HID technology.
· The device is automatically discovered and the HID drivers are installed automatically with the up-to date Windows systems easily.
· It is attached in a similar way to USB flash drives, directly to your USB port; and the compact size makes the work easy for you.
· You can track a relatively distant location with a longer cable.
· If needed, optional packages for SMS can be bought from our company seperately.
· It can be made possible as a special project, to monitor the temperature over Internet remotely.
· ESTRONTECH USB ThermoLogger can be used within automation systems, it is ready for all kinds of integration, with it's flexible software architecture. 

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1.5m Sensor Cable

$ 49 only
  • ESTRONTECH USB ThermoLogger with 1.5 meters long sensor cable

5m Sensor Cable

$ 54 only
  • ESTRONTECH USB ThermoLogger with 5 meters long sensor cable

10m Sensor Cable

$ 59 only
  • ESTRONTECH USB ThermoLogger with 10 meters long sensor cable

20m Sensor Cable

$ 69 only
  • ESTRONTECH USB ThermoLogger with 20 meters long sensor cable


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